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Originally Posted by rojodo View Post
I replaced my own 19" wheels and tires with Dunlop SP Sport Max 275/30/20-r
I have incurred damage to two sets of front tires due to their low profile minimal cushion plus the conditions of the road where I live are brutal (Chicago). I was at the dealer recently and saw in the new M5s they are offering 285/35/20 RF

275/35/20 RF. I checked to see if this combo would fit my car (F10 2013 M sport )and they would not. Any others with similar instances or thoughts?
Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
With just me and wifey no. If I put people in the back if I hit a pretty good dip yes. But 100% of the time I don't have anyone in the back. How about you?

Yea I am worried about the time when I will need to have passengers in the back. Normally its just me and my fiance.
I was doing about 75 on the thruway, and hit a dip I didnt see before it was too late. Had a nice little rub on that one...