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Originally Posted by addy27 View Post
Gorgeous!!! love that sycamore wood trim too..

I've recently snagged the Alpina noble wood trim that I'll put in soon. I had a Venetian beige interior that I swapped out for the M5 Sakhir Orange. But man, your car with all the options.. is stunning!

did you buy it new? if so, did you purposely not pick the surround view option and ventilated seats?
Hi there.

Many thanks for your nice comment. The Alpina wood trim is freaking awesome. Unfortunately very expensive. The M5 Sakhir Orange is not my cup of tea. I prefer the softer and classical colour.

My car was a second hand - a leasing return from a BMW Manager in Munich. It was only 6 month old as I took it over.
As for ventilated seats, well I don't think I want it because it weakens the leather structure due to the perforation.
Yes, the surround view would be great since it is quite useful in the narrow streets of Europe. Too bad the first orderer didn't include it as well. Still my car is heavily loaded. Happy with the current equipments.

And hey... why don't you show us your gorgeous car? Eager to see it!
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