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I've found the rear wheels can break tractions quite easily so I've put the car into sport mode and put down a small amount of gas (remember gas pedal is more sensitive in this mode anyway) to get it off the line and then once its on the move, progressively applied more gas. That way it seems to avoid the wheels slipping and the traction control being activated which momentarily slows the car down.

I've not been going for a maximum acceleration off the line, but rather just a "spritely one".

Of course if the road is wet, I've applied less gas.

I have a 530d msport and whilst it is no M5, It still gives me a smile and surprises me still how fast this car is when asked.
Very interesting. I'll be sure to give your method a try.

Originally Posted by AP View Post
I think I'm right in saying the police 5 series you see are 530d's.
You're probably right about that! They certainly have that big powerful police-car feel!