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Originally Posted by en1gma View Post
Haven't tried non M-Sport suspension on the f10; so cannot give any indication of comparison.

I can fully believe you: I wouldn't want any more movement than I perceive in my 520d M-Sport. Initial bump absorption is fine for me.

If anything, if I think about it more, It feels like there is an extra 'bounce' in the f10 compared to the e60 (both M-Sport) when going over speed bumps, for example. Maybe it is the longer wheelbase...

I also miss whatever it is they've changed in the settings when you put the auto into Sport mode in the F10. It used to stiffen/ do something which meant much tighter body control. I don't perceive any suspension changes when selecting Sports mode in the F10...
I assume you are running the standard suspension. If so it is softened a little compared to the E60.

The E60 never had any suspension adjustment, unless you were running Dynamic Drive with the active roll bars. Standard M-sport setup with sport auto, weighted up the steering in sport, that is the only extra feeling of body control you had. Which is the same with the sport auto in the F10. Configure to chassis and the steering has more of a sporty setup, which can feel as if the suspension tightens up. Again you need active suspension components to physically stiffen the suspension, VDC or the Adaptive Drive option in some models.