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Originally Posted by Tukewl4yoass View Post
Thx for all the info jaekeem. You got me... i just ordered it.
Glad to be of service

Originally Posted by blackberrycubed View Post
Any updates on this my friend !
Originally Posted by blackberrycubed View Post
still no 0 to 60 times with 3 or 3.5 boost !
Originally Posted by blackberrycubed View Post
So what boost setting is working the best for the f10? 2.75, 3.00 or 3.50 (cannot go higher on 91 Octane)
Blackberry - sorry for the late reply being in and out of the country on business made me forget to reply to your comment.

But to let you know I'm currently at +3.50 and have hit a best time 0-60 of 5.2seconds. This was with my meth kit turned off and without the aftermarket exhaust.

I will definitely try to make a few passes again one of these days and see if there was any change at all with my new quad exhaust

Originally Posted by RichC59 View Post
What exhaust mod did you use? I am looking at both Magnaflow and Eisenmann right now. Any suggestions?
I'm using a prototype MXP exhaust for the e90/e92 M3. My final version should be in hopefully by september!

Aside from that the magnaflow and eisenmann both have different sounds, so it really depends on what sound you want from your exhaust.

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