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i have a F06 from year 2015 with a S302 Alarm System.
i coded a bit arround to enable headlight and highbeam flashing if alarm is triggered, but it doesn't work.

i tried to change this from nicht_aktiv to aktiv:

FZD > 3002 DWA:
Optische Alarmausgabe Fernlight = aktiv
Optische Alarmausgabe Abblendlicht = aktiv

if i trigger the alarmsystem, my flashing lights start flashing and the alarm signal chime, but no headlights or high beam...

did i miss something?
Any idea if i had to enable something else somewhere?

At first I thought it might be because it was daytime, but i also tried it at night and the lights still have not flashed.

hm :/

Last but not least: can you tell me, how i can increase the duration time of the alarm signal chime to 2 minutes or more?
i think it should be done with this settings, but i am not sure about and also not which value will be the right setting for duration time.

FZD > 3001:
- Alarm duration time with external supply
- alarm duration time in self-powering mode
- alarm pause duration
- duty cycle

It would be very nice if you could help me