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Scratched Screen Thread "Closed Due to BS"

Originally Posted by BigKutta View Post
Ok, so there was this screen scratched thread (that was closed due to BS) and of course I started to notice my screen even more closely. So just yesterday, I noticed 2 tiny specs on my screen, which I think are 2 tiny droplets of saliva that may have shot out of my mouth during an exciting conference call taken from the car.

So there you have it, the screen needs to be cleaned! And now I am scared, I knew this day would come. I am going to clean it with a LCD wipe and report back. Wish me luck!
I started that thread... and it "was closed due to BS" which was started when childish, useless comments were posted by.. (well just let's say the abbreviation for his screen name is C.F. which is meant to describe a certain inauthentic Asian cuisine) and I attempted to defend my post. Since I see that C.F has posted a similar useless comment on this thread, it's clear that in this Forum, the receivers of BS are censored rather than the perpetrators of it. That being said, I'm calling BMW NA right now about this issue. The screen is TOO F@#KING DELICATE...PERIOD.
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