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After the NYC autoshow in 2010 where the BMW people there indicated the diesel would be available this year, I waited, and waited.

Went to the Detroit autoshow in Jan 2011, and the guys there told me maybe during the mid-cycle refresh, which is likely late next year, but no guarantees. So, I broke down and recently took European delivery on a 535i. It'll be awhile before I get to see it again here in the states, but it was fun for the 10-days or so I drove it in Bavaria. in Europe, the diesel-engined version costs about the same as the similar gasoline engined version. But, in the USA, BMW tends to charge as much as $3-4K more for it (but there are some federal rebates that become available sometimes to offset it). When you think of it, that amount of money will pay for a fair amount of the extra gasoline to make up the difference, but you won't have the oceans of torque or the long-range between fillups. And, the gasoline engine probably won't last as long (only a factor if you keep your car a long time). So, I don't feel too bad about it.