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Originally Posted by bendandthrow View Post
Which part of this do you think I did not interpret correctly?

I am sure the intended meaning is that the maximum counter rotation of the rear wheels will occur at the lowest speeds (any rotation at high speed would be dangerous). And that maximum rotation should be 6 degrees, assuming the 3 degrees mentioned is from straight to full lock.

Mine only move by 1 degree.

Unless you think "upto" is used here as it is in broadband adverts and so varies from car to car...?
You are wrong in at least my intent.
My intent is saying that unless you know the formula the computer uses you can't assume your guess is correct, that the maximum would occur at the lowest speed. That also using the key words that the formula is a running variable.
I also don't know what is so dangerous about higher speeds, though it clearly states the direction changes when over 37 mph.

I also have no clue what is meant by "broadband advert".