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Originally Posted by Stingray2 View Post
Hi Guys,
Here's an update on my current situation.
My car went into my local BMW dealer on Wednesday 11th January for its 4 wheel alignment KDS check. The dealership then forwarded the result of this check to BMW along with the "PUMA" case. On Friday 13th January I received a call from the dealership saying the car was ready and they would explain the paperwork when I arrived.

Upon arrival I was shown the print out of all the alignment readings and was informed that there was an alignment problem. I was then charged 150 (after thay had tried to charge me 366 which I wasn't happy about!).

Having got home I looked at the paperwork and reailised that the problem they had found was on the front wheels NOT the rear. The issues highlighted were as follows:

1) Cross Castor measured as +031' the target reading is 030

2) Cross Toe Out On Turns measured as +037' the target reading is 030

3) Cross Camber measured as +032 the target reading is 030

All other measurements fell within spec.

I contacted the dealership and argued that the issue they had found was not on the axle where the wear is. Also (I,m not an expert but have taken advice) the readings were only slightly out of spec (surely there should be some tolerence on the readings!).
However, they have told me they are only following BMW's advice and that as there is not an issue with the rear suspension then I need to replace the tyres and take the issue up with Goodyear. How's that for customer service

I have pushed the issue with the after sales manager and he has agreed to speak to BMW again on Monday/ Tuesday to see what they say, but I get the feeling that this is going to be an issue that they are aware of but are not going to want to admit to.

So once again I will have to wait for the outcome of these discussions.


Update on the ongoing SAGA:
BMW have now accepted that the rear wheel alignment was OK on my car and have now refunded the 150 charge made to check this. However, they have stated that I have to replace the tyres, at my cost, and the old tyres need to be returned to Goodyear for them to inspect. So I have had 2 new PIRELLI 275/35 20 Runflats fitted (705) by the dealer and they are returning them to Goodyear for me. Incidentally, they damaged the paint on one of my wheels in the process . So I will have to get my spray can out and repair it (thank heavens for Wurth spray paint!).
The Goodyear return and inspection process will take approx 4-6 weeks, so another long wait to get a resolution. I can't help thinking that if you had a gearbox fault, for example, you would not be expected to pay for a new gearbox and then wait for it to be checked over by the manufacturer!

Anyway, I will update again when I have something to add.