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Originally Posted by Foxy2 View Post
I have had my 530GT for 12 months and love the car. It had a new engine in at 8500 miles as it dropped 3 valves in one cylinder when doing 70 mph!!!

Complained about the bumpy ride on my 20" wheels (live in a rural area) and all the dealership did was to reduce the pressures to 30psi.

Took the car in yesterday for a mini service and they pointed out that the rear tyres are wearing on the inside edge. I put this down to th incorrect tyre pressures. Had a long argument with the service staff as they were unsure what the proper pressures should be. I have 245-45-20 front and 275-35-20 rear, Goodyears.

They also told me that this was normal wear for the geometry of the car as the rear camber is set up this way. Same in the X5 & X6.

Has anyone had any compensation form either BMW or Goodyear?
Please see my earlier posts (36 I think). BMW are fully aware of this issue & you should pursue it with them. Happy to DM you details of my case.