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finally resolved

Originally Posted by Stingray2 View Post
Update on the ongoing SAGA:
BMW have now accepted that the rear wheel alignment was OK on my car and have now refunded the 150 charge made to check this. However, they have stated that I have to replace the tyres, at my cost, and the old tyres need to be returned to Goodyear for them to inspect. So I have had 2 new PIRELLI 275/35 20 Runflats fitted (705) by the dealer and they are returning them to Goodyear for me. Incidentally, they damaged the paint on one of my wheels in the process . So I will have to get my spray can out and repair it (thank heavens for Wurth spray paint!).
The Goodyear return and inspection process will take approx 4-6 weeks, so another long wait to get a resolution. I can't help thinking that if you had a gearbox fault, for example, you would not be expected to pay for a new gearbox and then wait for it to be checked over by the manufacturer!

Anyway, I will update again when I have something to add.
Hi all,
Back in January I promised to update when I had something to add, well here we are in June and I can now give the promised update!

My tyres were sent to Goodyear and eventually were looked at. Goodyear seemed to agree that there was an issue and refunded me for the unworn portion of the tread. This came in the form of a cheque for 388, which was 55% of the replacement cost of two tyres. Unfortunately it took a long time for the cheque to be forwarded to me by the BMW dealership and it wasn"t until I contacted James Bell at BMW UK that this finally got passed on to me. I also complained about the poor service from BMW and was compensated with a 350 BMW credit.

I have also expressed my concerns, regarding the issue of tyre wear on 5 GT's with 20 inch rims, to James Bell at BMW and he has acknowledged that it is something that is apparent on some vehicles. Unfortunately anyone with this issue will, probably, have to go through this same process.

So if you are experiencing signs of this wear issue and the dealership will not acknowledge it, tell them to contact James Bell. He is aware of at LEAST two cases of this and may know of more.

Good luck all.