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Originally Posted by ///d View Post
Not a build, but not worth creating a thread, but what does the Buttkicker do? Does it just cause vibration feeling? Is it worth the $200 or whatever it was priced?
Easily the best bang for your buck on a sim rig. That assumes you have a very solid rig (think 80/20 or steel) to attach it to.

There are a few different software options to drive a buttkicker, but for the most part they will read telemetry from the sim and use it to generate effects that will transmit through the buttkicker. That allows you to feel things like road texture, rumble strips, impact, engine rpm, gear changes etc.

If you are thinking about buying a Buttkicker setup right now, you might want to look at the latest releases from them. They just announced a new Gamer Plus and a Gamer Pro. The Gamer Plus is mostly a repackaged Gamer2 with a slightly different amp. The Gamer Pro has a much larger piston in the shaker so in theory it should create a stronger response. That might only be important if you have a very heavy rig setup. Think motion system etc. For a typical stock aluminum or steel rig the Gamer Plus or Gamer 2 will provide plenty shaking.

The more important recent announcement from BK was their HaptiConnect software. That provides their own telemetry-driven effects rather than relying on 3rd party software, or the sim itself in the case of iRacing's LFE feature.

Overall, having a Buttkicker installed has been a huge improvement in immersion for me. I would recommend it to anyone with a suitable rig.

p.s. I have pre-ordered the Gamer Pro to replace my Gamer2. If you are interested in saving some cost and think the Gamer2 would be a good fit for you, just let me know and I'll reach out once I receive my Gamer Pro. I'll give you a good deal on it.
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