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Just for the record I'm mad you wear workout gloves lol.

In the past I used wrist wraps but I think they actually caused some pain for me. I don't lift heavy enough to feel the need to use lifting straps. I never actually tried the gloves, I'm just hating because Im not about the way they look haha.

As for gym talk I'm pretty mad that when I eat in excess I feel worse yet I looka and feel pumped up and my lifts are so much better. When I eat healthy I lose weight, feel better, but also feel and look flat as shit in the gym also my lifts are much worse. I am constantly bouncing between 190 and 200lbs depending on how I want to eat that week. It's tough finding the perfect balance without going overboard on either end.

Tough question since back pain is pretty vague and there can be numerous issues. Just stay away from movements that cause you pain. Even if the movements you're doing are rather basic or easy, just working your core has a lot of benefits.
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