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Originally Posted by hilld View Post
As I have gotten older, I have had to realize that my body doesn't like the punishment anymore. I am turning 50 later this year and have had 2 torn meniscus' as well as plantar fasciitis surgeries in the past few years. It takes a lot longer to recover.
Welcome to the geezer zone. Did the plantar surgery "work"? My Dr. said he won't do them.
What I've found is compression socks for after runs/soccer, and alternating hot/cold water. My regular gym routine now includes allocating 30 minutes at the end to sit in the unheated pool and jacuzzi. Outside shower, then right into the cold pool for 3 minutes. Over to jacuzzi until warm again, several minutes of leg stretches, then another plunge into the cold water for 3 minutes.
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