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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Does anyone else have a bad back and work out?
You mean like constant pain from slouching in chairs, yet still go to gym?

DESPITE teh sore back, going to the gym isn't a strain unless I specifically try to work that lower back. Doing any standing exercise with a break in the knees, so the strain is transferred to my thighs- no problem. Any time I lay flat on a bench, during the exercise my feet are always off the ground, and usually knees are curled up to chest to keep my back flat on the bench.

I saw this kid, MAYBE early 20s last night doing bench press. He was on his tippy-toes, back arched so far it made mine hurt. I almost went over and said "IF you want to do this for 10-20 more years, get your feet off the ground. Instead I went to the water fountain and did some core work between sets.
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