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Depends what you're looking for. Also depends on your state most likely lol.

There's some good tinctures (a ton of terrible ones as well) that you can utilize if it's for increasing appetite or for sleep aid for example.

If you're just looking to get high, almost anything will get you there lol.

Edibles also for medicinal purposes tend to go down easier. When you digest cannabis it effects your body differently as opposed to smoking it. Lungs vs liver.
Do you have anything that actually has medical properties, not just euphoric.
Without the "euphoric" you will want something with cbd mixed with the thc. Cbd counteracts the "euphoric" feels associated with thc.

HOWEVER, again, depending on what you need / want it for, some of the "healing" proponents are located within the thc portion.

I'll pop a 1:1 gummy (1:1 ratio of cbd and thc) but I'll need closer to 100mg to get "high". They have 2:1, 5:1, even a 20:1 ration of cbd to thc.

What state are you in?
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