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Without the "euphoric" you will want something with cbd mixed with the thc. Cbd counteracts the "euphoric" feels associated with thc.

HOWEVER, again, depending on what you need / want it for, some of the "healing" proponents are located within the thc portion.

I'll pop a 1:1 gummy (1:1 ratio of cbd and thc) but I'll need closer to 100mg to get "high". They have 2:1, 5:1, even a 20:1 ration of cbd to thc.

What state are you in?
You've got medicinal. You've got some fuckery going on in FL with cannabis. Lots of conglomerates own the majority, selling their own products, not carrying competitors etc etc. But these three brands are reputable and focus more so on the healing portions. Canna kids for example, started off by providing tinctures for children who have cancer. (Care By Design)

Just shoot me a DM if you want to get into specifics and don't want to blast it out on public forums. Good luck though, hope this at least provides some more info for you.
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