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It’s really dependant on the level of correction you want. That’s actually what the process of removing swirls is; paint correction. Swirls are very fine scratches in the surface of your clearcoat, (sometimes deeper) that can be corrected with compounding/polishing. You can do it yourself with the right equipment and polishes. However, with black cars, especially BMW jet black and some other “pure black” cars, the level of skill required to achieve better than average correction is high and usually requires lots of practice.

Just some friendly advice; Take it to a highly regarded detailing shop and get it evaluated. Likely they can recommend a level of service to satisfy both your appearance goal and your budget. Go online to Detailed and read up on the products and proper washing techniques to help you keep a swirl free finish. They also have a link to help find respected local detail shops.
Take it from me, an east coast detailer who owns nothing but black cars (BMWs)…They are a labor of love. But, NO other color looks as good on a vehicle as a highly polished Black Good luck!
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