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Originally Posted by TOP_AGENT View Post
Audi has a different business model. They tightly control the production supply of their cars so they can maintain pricing discipline and hit goals through higher profit margins rather than through volume. As you experienced, despite same general sticker price, they rarely discount due to low inventory (production controls) and adequate demand. Most of their 6 cylinder A6 and above start at least with a lease price around 750 plus or so with a sizable signing amount. Beautiful cars I agree.
I am cross shopping SUV's for my wife so I understand both companies and their approach to pricing. The above post is spot on. BMW dealers typically will negotiate to a higher percentage off of US MSRP. The dealer receives holdbacks to offset this. Audi does not use holdbacks so the dealers are forced to take a harder line on negotiations. Audis tend to come well equipped for their price points. BMW prices their option packages robustly. Both Audi and BMW make fine products and are fine companies to work with after the sale. Much boils down to personal preference. While I have the highest respect for Audi, I personally prefer BMW products. However you pay a slight premium over Audi for BMW products typically.

For my wife we are looking at the BMW X3 with very few options, moderately equipped Audi Q5, and a well equipped VW Tiguan. The X3 is the best one of the group with the Q5 a close second. The Q5 is the best value. a moderately equipped Tiguan is the most cost effective and least fun to drive.
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