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Originally Posted by mediocrechris View Post
Long story short, last week I bought a CPO 2016 535i xDrive with about 24k miles on it. There is some original warranty time left so I predict it will be out of CPO warranty around April 2021 or a little after.

Tonight I made the mistake of browsing the page for BMW USA and then I noticed that BMW NA's Facebook page has their reviews page hidden from public view, and that tells me that on Facebook the reviews must be horrible. Just in case you didn't know, the BBB gives BMW N.A. an F rating.

I've done a lot of google/forum searches and every time I become reassured that the 2016 535i is a decent car, I find another story about BMW and it makes me worry again.

Are there any 2016 535i xDrive owners who can tell me stories to either prepare me for what to expect as my car's mileage increases or anyone who can reassure me that this is a good model and that it should be dependable if I take care of it? Should I plan to trade this car in the day before the warranty expires or are you having good results so far?

Typically I'm a very responsible driver who is daily driving about 100 miles round trip of highway miles in Eco mode. Hot-rodding, redlining, is avoided and my top speed is usually hovering around the 80-83 mph mark.

Aside from staying on top of the maintenance, is there anything I could/should do to prolong the life of the car and avoid problems?

Thank you in advance for your information.
The BBB is...

The Better Business Bureau, founded in 1912, is an organization focused on advancing marketplace trust, consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, Virginia. Wikipedia
Look at your local BMW dealer not nationally. Each dealer is independently owned and pretty much divorced from BMW in general. Most people believe they buy a car from a manufacturer, be it BMW, Ford, GM, whomever. The dealer purchases the (new) cars from the manufacturer and we purchase (new) cars from the dealers. The manufacturer couldn't really care less about second plus owners as they are twice (or more) removed from the original sale of the car. In the U.S. the dealer network is VERY powerful and actually has a good amount of sway over the manufacturer. The reason American manufacturers are dropping cars and focusing on trucks and SUVs is pressure from the dealers. I bought into an American BMW (Lincoln LS) but the dealers killed it because they had no clue how to market a sport sedan to the 5-series buyer.

All that said just enjoy your car. Our 2012 535i has over 85K (we put 40K of those miles) mostly trouble-free miles (NOTHING that left us stranded, just a couple of gasket replacements) and a our 2014 (just shy of 50K miles of which I added 25K of those miles) has had nothing more than maintenance. Our 2012 has made a trip to Texas and Yellowstone with nary a problem and with EXCELLENT mpg; over 31. Last fall we took a 5600 mile trip to the east coast in the 2014 and got over 32mpg; also with no problems whatsoever!! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another 5 series with the straight-6. After all, BMW has been making the straight-6 since Noah was a messcook!
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