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Pierre Louis

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Engineering by its nature is a compromise of longevity/quality/cost. Companies like BMW don't make cars to be overpriced in the market, which is very tough in all directions.

It's easy to design a fuel pump that never fails, but it might cost more than the car.

It goes with all the systems on the car. BMW, IMO, does a good job with its higher volume cars as the cost of engineering and marketing is distributed into many units sold.

Buying a car for me is a cost/benefit analysis. If a car is within my price range and fulfills my needs/desires, I buy it. I like new cars because then I can properly care for my investment over more miles and don't worry about drivers thinking the car is a Porsche. If the car checks all the boxes, I keep it long enough to distribute the initial loss of value over a lot of miles. Diesel allows significant savings in fuel (over premium) as well as resale value over the 200,000 miles I expect to keep the car. Not buying expensive extended warranties allows me to budget less costly repairs for after such a warranty expires (hint: dealers make their money on warranty claims and seriously overprice their services - I have a private mechanic).

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