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Beauty! The M-Sport really makes a difference, I wish I could just steal your front bumper right now!

Are you planning on doing anything to it? I would suggest definitely having your reflectors painted or blacked out whether you decide to mod or not.

If you are a modder (somewhat like me), I have a few suggestions for you. If you wanna just lightly mod your car, I highly recommend getting Black Performance Kidney Grilles (around $80-100), or you could plastidip your chrome ones black (cans cost $2-4 each, you would probably need 1 or 2 only). You could also plastidip your rims (1 wheel per can) any color you want, I think gunmetal or black will look great. You can Google or YouTube tutorials on how to do it. It's quite simple.

If you plan on spending a little more, I suggest H&R springs (apx. $250). I used to hate how tall the GT is, looks wise, it looked like a mini SUV. With lowering, it looks much sleeker, more coupe-like, it really changes the whole look of the car. I highly recommend this if you are willing to mod your car slightly. Plus, it improves steering feel and handling and reduces body roll.

Also, if you're interested in rims, I can have my sponsors ( ) hook you up with some nice shoes.

Also, if you want more noise, there are aftermarket exhausts for your 535 GT, or you could go custom like myself.

Sorry for the outburst of info, I must do this with every GT owner maybe one day I'll find a modded GT like mine!

P.S. I like that F07 badge on the back, where'd you get it from? However, please remove those little poser M-badges I know it has M-Sport, but its no ///M5.