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Your pharmaceutical example is a spurious analogy and you know it. There's no way you can compare the aftermarket car industry with a highly regulated industry. The FDA would never allow such a drug to come to market without enough clinical trials. Which is why the "small startup pharmaceutical company" do not exist. There is a reason why 99.9% of drugs are developed and owned by multi-billion dollar drug companies.

Stop saying Helix didn't test their product without any proof. There have been people who ran this product without issues. The thread linked by doubles has 2 people reporting vacuum pump cover issues, that's not a very representative sample size.

Helix is absolutely owning up to this issue, read the other thread. They've stated they're developing a bracket that eliminated the issue with torque and cantilever stresses. Read comment #34 as well, Helix is offering to replace the guy's OD for free due to idle noises. This isn't a company that doesn't stand behind it's product. They very well might offer the bracket for free, calm down and put your pitchfork down until you have more information. Yes, it kinda sucks that the billet part they offer right now is an additional charge, but that's pretty damn standard in the aftermarket scene.

I understand why Helix isn't offering to replace the vacuum pump covers for free. It opens up a huge can of worms if they do that now with such a small sample size. What happens if someone breaks their vacuum pump cover on their own, then buys the OD unit to force someone else to pay for the repairs by saying "oh it broke when I used your product". Unless the vacuum pump cover issues reach the proportions of early N63 issues, I don't think it's justified to call Helix out for not replacing the covers for free.
I was never mad about this... All I said in my initial post is that they should include the billet casing with the pump and that it is just bad business practice to charge people when you know your product is the cause of broken casing. Even if they did their testing but now they know that Helix is the cause of broken vacumm cover than they should provide that in the cost.

So you saying people going to buy 850 dollar Helix OD to get the casing vs just buying a 50 dollar casing? Are there even incidents of people breaking the case? The only time I think of someone breaking that is if they are replacing a fuel pump and at that point I think they already paid enough for a fuel pump and rather avoid paying 850 dollar vs 50 dollar for a casing.