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Originally Posted by ziekxq View Post
I was never mad about this... All I said in my initial post is that they should include the billet casing with the pump and that it is just bad business practice to charge people when you know your product is the cause of broken casing. Even if they did their testing but now they know that Helix is the cause of broken vacumm cover than they should provide that in the cost.
It seems disingenuous to claim that they knew their product is the cause of broken casings. They likely knew there was a risk of breaking, but that it doesn't always break, which is why they're offering it as an add-on item that's purchased separately. I mean, if they included the billet casing to begin with, they would have just charged $850 + the price of the casing anyhow as a base price lol

Originally Posted by ziekxq View Post
So you saying people going to buy 850 dollar Helix OD to get the casing vs just buying a 50 dollar casing? Are there even incidents of people breaking the case? The only time I think of someone breaking that is if they are replacing a fuel pump and at that point I think they already paid enough for a fuel pump and rather avoid paying 850 dollar vs 50 dollar for a casing.
If they already wanted a Helix OD, why not? People have found ways to break everything lol. Who knows, maybe the people reporting vacuum pump cover issues with OD already had covers that were (unknown to anyone) prone to breaking versus other covers. The beauty of a cast part.