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Originally Posted by Dom View Post
It is smooth on good surfaces but when you're on bad rural roads it is very poor. I will check the delivery blocks though - cheers.
You've answered what was going to be my question about road quality. My experience as well, in the F10 without the active suspension. Some of us have some pretty challenging road surfaces, don't we.

Definitely worth checking for transportation blocks, but I imagine there won't be any there.

I do suspect the run-flats are amplifying the road imperfections as road quality deteriorates. Had the same issue on my E91 330d, non run-flats changed the way the rear damped the poor surfaces.

Are you thinking of getting 18" wheels to allow keeping the 17" as is? If not, 17" non run-flats will probably give the best ride quality. I suppose it depends how much you are willing to experiment.