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Originally Posted by 3798j View Post
A little more than 30 years ago the formula had 4 cylinder 1.5L turbo engines making more than 1000hp (BMW's M12 made an estimated 1400HP in qualifying trim). The formula then changed to limit boost which lowered horsepower making 3.5L na engines a viable alternative.
At that time the manufacturers had the choice of using a 1,5L turbo engine or 3L NA engine. But with the permitted boost pressures (which now would be considered insanely high) the turbo engines got the overhand once reliability issues were solved.

I think in the early days they used something like 8 bar boost pressure in qualifying. The size of the turbo's back in those days were immense (and no variable geometry, twinscroll etc, so lag was immense. I wonder how many gears they had back in those days)

BTW in the late 70's/early 80's manufacturers didnt necessarily had to use i4 turbo engines within the boosted rules. The first turbo engine in F1 was a V6, and other manufacturers also used v6 engines, but back then manufacturers had the choice. I think thats better.
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