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I have had my F07 GT for 2 years and was really annoyed by the rusted brake callipers too. Walking around the used car lot at my BMW dealership, I was surprised that there were many cars of the same age that were not rusted, was then told that brake callipers were sourced from various suppliers and some did not have that issue. Enquired officially if this could be treated as a warranty issue, was told that rust on callipers was treated as a cosmetic issue and did not affect their function in any way. On pushing, BMW offered a complimentary rust-removal and re-spray that would last about 6 months; a proper paint job in any colour of my choice [remove tyre/wheel, isolate calliper and spray with heat-resistant paint would be 100 for all 4 corners.

LED bulbs (or bright white standard numberplate bulbs) are a straight fwd aftermarket option and easily swapped over. I havent done it, doesnt bother me quite as much to be honest. If anything i would match the 'yellow' front foglamps to the 'white' LED corona driving lights and headlamps as they are more visible.

Out of interest: do you really get positive looks and comments for the 5GT. I do the same, have written about it often here, i think it is to do with the styling and presence and exclusivity of well-specced 5GTs (they look good in certain colours and big alloys). I would hate to be seen in a Space Grey 320d/520d executive rep-mobile!