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Originally Posted by Chili Palmer View Post
From what I've found that's the going rate within a couple of hundred bucks. I wanted to see what the detailer has done before and not just a shot of couple of panels in a 3x3" picture in photo album, I want to see his prior work.

My paint was damaged by the dealership when I took in for a paint repair on the front bumper, (my car was a CPO that they said they had repainted the front bumper cap). When got the car home and saw it in the sunlight I was aghast that there were swirl marks and buffer trails all over the car. They said that they would take care of it, but I didn't want them to touch the car again. I should have gotten in contact with BMW corporate, but I waited too long.

The car has a haze that I can't seem to remove and now has buffer trails all over it. I want it done right and only one time. Plus this is a complete car detail inside and out, hence the cost.
Makes sense. If the swirls marks are bad enough and they're over the entire vehicle, it can take some time and multiple steps with mutiple types of polishes to get it perfect again.