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I installed my V1 last week, and cannot remember the fuse I used off the top of my head. I just mounted the control module right behind the door in the glove box fuse panel. I ended up simply pulling the fuse, then sliding it back in with the wire at the same time. I might try one of the mini add-a-fuse for a better connection; however, I did notice something weird yesterday. When I was at a stop light, the auto start/stop cut the engine and when it started bak up, the V1 beeped as if it were starting up too. At the next stop, the engine cut again and I looked up at the V1 to see if it was still on and it was.....however, when the engine fired back up, the V1 still went thru is normal start up function again! Then, on the way to work today, it didnt do it! What the heck is going on? I will check out fuse 48 I think.