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While it does suck having to pay for extra oil changes and oil thats not even my biggest concern. Point blank there is no reason why it should be burning so much period. It has nothing to do with being a high performance engine, as a matter of fact I am around alot of much higher performance engines and while you will get a bit of burnt oil with engines with forged aluminum pistons because since aluminum expands significantly with heat the piston to wall clearance has to be alot higher than with cast iron pistons. This leads to higher blowby when the engine is cold and it causes oil consumption but even then its not at the level of 1qt ever 2k. I'm pulling the cold pipe on the turbo tonight to see if I'm getting oil from the turbo because I read on another forum where a bmw mastertech said he'd already replaced two sets of N63 turbos because of oil issues. Besides oil in the combustion chamber can cause knock and be harmful to the operation of the engine.
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