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Originally Posted by evanescent03 View Post
this guy leaves these incredible shots and no guidance?

i'm looking into getting some neutral density filters so i can do panning shots at track days. i like setting the camera up and giving it to a friend and having them shoot me as i go by. in the past i had been knowingly over exposing the shots and then darkening them up with lightroom but decided this would help me out some getting the shot right the first time.
You don't need an ND filter to pan the shots. Put the camera in shutter priority. Start out with 1/focal length and then slow the shutter more even more. Use a telephoto lens of 200mm or longer. The Longer the focal length the easier to pace the car and the more effect. I mostly use a 300mm lens and shoot 1/200-1/80th of a second shutter. Servo focus and continuous high.

Here is one at 1/80th
Open wheel car by -mik3ymomo-

DSC_5962 by -mik3ymomo-

Bryce Prince #72 by -mik3ymomo-
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