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I definitely agree on your point about the importance of white balance, but the theory about caring white balance too much during photoshoot can sometimes be impractical. Many of the photographers do not care about white balance as much in the photoshooting factor due to the reason that it can be tuned during post processing.

Imagine taking photos in an event which varies of light sources are involved, there are just so much time to grasp that opportunity for that $$ shots. Some important moment occurs in that few second; by the time you finish your setting, the opportunity might have past.

If there is a general setting that you think might work for that environment, definitely go ahead and correct the white balance. However, this adjustment imo is not an essential setting that must be used to create a good picture. (I would like to clarify that white balance is a very important factor that forms a good image; my emphasis is toward the fact that in-camera adjustment on white balance does not need to be done immediately)

Many photographers stress the 3 factors: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO so much because these factors cannot usually be rescued by post processing:

Aperture: if your DOF is too shallow hence creating desire area to be out of focus, there is no perfect way to get them back on focus again.

Shutter Speed: if there is motion blur to the camera, there's also no perfect way to fix them 100%

ISO: the graininess introduce by high ISO would also be non-fixable during post-processing.
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