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Originally Posted by AC_S5 View Post
I don't like Win ME and Win Vista that's for sure

The smoothness of the I6, you have to own it to love it. Is like I brought the 523 and then test drive the 520, yes it does have the same punch, not much big difference that I would notice. It does consume less fuel and does all the same thing my 523 does but the engine noise... feels like the car will break down or piston snap if I push too hard.

But to each their own, if you couldn't afford the 35i then you have to live with the 20i or 28i.
I can see valid reasons for wanting the N20 over the N55 in certain cars. The fuel economy is probably the best argument for the 5-series. If driven conservatively, the N20 should sip fuel.

In something like a 1-series, I think the N20 is a great fit. BMW should make an ultralight version of the 1-series with some significant weight saving measures, then drop the N20 in it.

I remember when I went from a VR6 GTI to a 2.0T GTI. I really missed the smoothness and sound of the VR6, but I there was plenty to appreciate about the 2.0T. The turbo I4 had more low end pull than the VR6, and the weight savings made the car feel much lighter on its feet. That can't be overstated. The difference in turn-in (just one measure) between my VR6 GTI and my 2.0T GTI was day and night.

The N20 is 22 lbs lighter than the N52, but I can't find good information on the weight of the N55. I'd love to know the actual difference.
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