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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
Not too many open freeway in Hong Kong, at least not like here in the States where there are hundreds of miles of open road.
If I live in Bangkok or cities like Mumbai, Jakarta and Sao Paulo, I would ride a bike or a motorcycle
I am sure the 4 cylinder N20 will drive comfortably at speed in excess of 140km/h, but itís not how it drives at that speed, itís how a car accelerate up to that speed. A Camry can drive comfortably at speed of 140km/h.
Most people in Europe cannot afford the gas bill for the 550i, come to think of it, I canít either
Nobody needs a V8, they just want it. The engine note, smooth acceleration and power on tap is what a luxury car is all about. personally, I think the N55 is the best compromise between power and fuel economy.
Not too many open freeway, but enough to open up your car

Anyways the key point is want as you said, I want to have a car and I want it in 6 cylinders, I don't like the sound of the new N20 although they have similar performance and will accelerate to speed and have enough power on demand just like the N55. Plain and simple, nothing to do with traffic because I used to drive the E46 323i in Canada and I feel it's enough for me.

But in your question you were saying we in HK don't need anything with more then 4 cylinder because of bad traffic. Nobody needs a car with more then 4 cylinder for that matter, So what is it you are really trying to say? Wants or needs? That's two different questions.

Everyone defines luxury a little differently, for me luxury is about noise level in the cabin, comfort, appointments and finishing. I really don't care about engine noise because I would probably be reading the paper or resting with my eyes shut and I don't really care if the car have enough power on tap as long as it's adequate because if you have a luxury car you should get a driver to drive it I would call my F10 an executive saloon. As you said you think the N55 is luxury and the best compromise between performance and fuel economy, that's ok but is what you think is best for your use but don't place your values on someone just because you think it is like that.

I have a bike in HK also, is for fun only not for commuting so I wouldn't want to ride in those city, is just no fun. You might do it, but I wouldn't
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