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Originally Posted by BigKutta View Post
I have never had an issue accelerating quickly in my measly 528, and have never felt like I needed more power for daily driving. Seriously, if I had any more power I would be crashing into the cars in the lane. I have also seen several 535 and 550s that are unable to merge, so I am going to say that driver skill has a lot to do with it.

Just saying from an actual 528i owner's perspective...
I certainly did not mean to offend any 528i owners here, I am just trying to share my experience with 528i. Everybody sets different priorities for their car. Personally, I think even the 535i can use another 20-30 HP, but that is just me. When I buy a sport luxury sedan, I want quick acceleration. I may not use it all the time, but itís nice to know itís on tap when I need it.