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Again, thanks for the correction on the nomenclature.

I knew you were gonna bring the higher speeds and how the four banger supposedly chokes at higher speeds compared to the v6. And again on paper, that's very true, in reality though where exactly will you go past 90mph in US ? I never went past 110mph (not that it would go more than 120 anyways) in this car and for NYC/NJ driving the four banger delivers plenty of pickup (coming form S4 experience).

My point is very simple here. I am speaking from every day driving experience. 2012 528xi delivers on the promise. Now, if an idea of a 60k four cylinder car doesn't sit well with someone than a 4 cylinder car is not for them, but not because of the sound or smoothness.

It has nothing to do with disrespect, but I don't appreciate drinking everybody's kool-aid and that's how many of these 25min test drive reviews sound to me. It gets even better when folks start to compare weigh to hp ratios or timing youtube videos never having even driven N20 in a 5 series. I came across reviews when folks were commenting on how noisy the N20 is, turns they were speaking from 328 experience.

I also test drove 535 and 550. Personally, for my driving, 535 would be a waste of extra money when put against 528. In order to really feel the difference (in speed and sound) I would need to go with 550. Even then the 550 interior is quieter than the S4 (not as much roar), which i think has the best stock exhaust/engine combo in its class. That's not the point though, expecting a luxury cruiser to sound like a street approved go-kart is just wrong. These cars cater to different audience.
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