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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
Maybe you did not read my posts?

I have NEVER said anything against YOUR choice. But you have questioned others for saying that they can feel/hear a difference between a 4cyl engine and a 6 cyl engine (your point being that since you can't tell the difference nobody can). I beg to differ, lot's of people actually prefer a 6 or 8 cyl car.

And you said the N20 528i beats the old 528i. Yes apparently it does from 0-60, but where did you say that 0-60 was the only criteria that matters (or that I would be cursed at for pointing out that 0-60 isn't the only acceleration measurement)? For people living in Germany, the 50-100MPH is a more relevant acceleration measurement. Is your point that this thread is only supposed to have information that is relevant for NYC/NJ owners?

And, I never called you a Troll or incompetent, so please don't adress me and attack me for things I have not written.

My points being:
There is a difference between a V and a Inline engine
There is a difference between a 4cyl engine and a 6cyl engine (acoustically and in NVH)
Even though you might not notice the difference, others do.
I have nothing against the N20 528i (see my previous post)
I have nothing against your choice (even though you seem to question those who choose the 535i/550i)

Your response and choice of words speak louder than words and I think that I rest my case. You clearly don't get my point

Enjoy your 528i
So now youíre suddenly surprised by my tone? But itís perfectly fine for you to team up with your buddy (just in case you donít get it Ė you quoted him) and call me a troll or accuse me of an attack? Did I offend your gentle senses with my vulgar vocabulary? You accused me of an attack so you got a real one this time. Careful what you wish. Maybe your boy with an M diesel (sounds like an oxymoron) can soon come to the rescue. Hold on tight till thenÖ

What do you both know about the N20 in a 5 series driving a diesel or a 530 anyways?

Please keep your quotes and essays coming. I am done talking to you. Have a wonderful life sir!
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