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I'm planning on installing a V1 on my F10 as well. It should arrive in about 2 weeks. I also ordered a conceal display and remote audio unit as well.

I'm planning on installing the V1 on the rear dash/deck(?... What do you call that?) facing forward as if it would be positioned on the front windshield (in short, facing forward). Hardly anyone would seat in the middle seat so the radar would have a clear view of the front. Of course it would be elevated enough to clear all obstacles in it's sight.

As far as the connection would go, my radar jammer installer tapped the cig lighter in the center console and left me a pig tail for my "future" radar detector install so I'll tap that for my concealed display and daisy chain the remote audio and V1. I got the remote audio because it would be impossible for any audio adjustment while driving.

Be aware that your V1 will not power down right away in most electrical connections you make. Even the cig lighter takes about 2 min to shut off after you lock the doors. I timed this. I'm guessing the sunroof has a similar shut off time after the doors are locked as all current drainage is controlled by the computer and is shut off automatically. Not an expert in this area but I don't see why it would be different.

Good luck with your install.

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