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I love the ///M3, but I want 550hp ///M5
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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
I like the fact that the flagship model - the 7 - has the biggest grilles, whereas, the 5 features better distinguished/curvier headlights and bumper.

Offtopic: I seen the new 7 the other day. It was wet/windy/dark outside but still looked really good. I'm sure in better conditions it would grab my eye more compared to the S-class and A8. Well done BMW.
yeah the 5 is always different from the 3 and 7. The 3 is usually picked from the 7 a bit. 5 is usally really different. I think it will be a bit bigger or have the look. I almost cant tell the difference sometimes from the a6 and a8 cuz of how big the a8 is (until i actually check out the rear, or wheels, or stair at the front for some good time lol).

the e60 took some time to grow on me. I turned down a second hand 545i for my e90 330i. Right now, I say I should have went for the that 5, but i still love the overall sportier look of the 3. I alway ssay, bmw will do a great job.

They have yet to make anythin worst... the x3 sucks, but the next one will be better.... i mean.. .look at the new 7 and the new z4. Come one, the new 5 WILL be hot.