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Originally Posted by SpokenHands View Post
Residuals on most large BMWs have always been poor. The beautiful 6 series coupe and convertible that retail around 75,000 new well-specced are now under 45,000 after 12-18 months. The 5-Series GT is a niche model and does not perform in same bracket as the 520d saloon or wagon, so expect poorer residuals. I bought new and am absolutely delighted with the car and intend to keep it longer than 3 years. I think the GT is an excellent deal approved used especially if you buy in Yr 3 and keep for 3-5 years.

If we all bought cars with good residual values, we would be buying gray or silver 320d / 520d repmobiles in Eco trim and fat tyres and no spec. Fortunately, some of us are able to get beyond that
Its a shame because the F07 deserves much better, its a better value than its cousin the F01/F02 7 Series IMHO. But yes the resale values tank, much the reason I sold mine with positive equity for a F12 650i which also took an interesting hit value wise...Luckily i sold it as well before the updated engine/options were released (less than a year after the initial release) so I didn't get beat up..