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Originally Posted by Edman951 View Post
Decided to try making my own x-pipe and exhaust.
I wanted a modular system that i could use only the x-pipe with the factory exhaust, and with my exhaust. and be able to put everything back to stock easily.
I used the factory bolted clamps to make it a bolt on and off system.
I couldn't find a x-pipe that was 2-3/4'' OD, so i looked around and found a x-pipe made for a C6 Corvette that was very close to what i needed, but was 2-1/2''OD. So not the best for flow, but figured it would do the job for now.

On thing to note is the car runs 9psi stock., and when i did a test drive using just the x-pipe, i was seeing about 12psi on my gauges, so this car really likes less restriction. and when i drove it with the factory exhaust connected, boost went back to 9psi. I was thinking to redo it with 3'' pipe maybe someday.

Here are a few pics.
I cut the factory exhaust after the secondary cats, and before the muffler cross brace. I can install my x-pipe with the factory mufflers, or with my home made mufflers. so my system is modular by using BMW bolted clamps, and fast to go from one setup to the other, and back to stock.
I used Vibrant stainless steel piping, and two of there resonators as mufflers.
Making it a very cost effective system.

Sure my weld are not sexy, but all in all, i'm happy i did it, was a fun small project, and didn't cost me much.
It's not a high dollars engineered system, but still sound pretty good.
It does have the typical drone as do most exhaust systems.
why didnt you remove the secondaries while you were at it?