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Originally Posted by MGM135is View Post
I started with nothing too, my kids are out of the house, just my level of success does not reach yours.
I wouldn't put too much thought into it.....especially like I did after I realized how long my post was.

There are a lot of other factors that can be out of your control though.

For example, I see the area which you are from on your user info. I bet your cost of living is probably 2X what we have in the area I am at.

I have several friends that now live here who owned modest houses in Boston and Long Island that bought them when they were young.

When they moved here for work or other reasons, they pretty much made a killing. Came down here and paid cash for very nice houses, and had money left over.

I remember once a firm trying to recruit me to a job in LA years ago. My house at the moment was around $130K when I bought it. It's now worth in the $180's. However...the same house in LA would have easily cost me north of $500K. And then when you factor in taxes and everything else...I stayed where I was. (I had no intention of moving anyway as all my family is here).

There are more factors at play than what I implied. Nevertheless...I wish you the best in everything!
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