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THere's a period in between the end of production of the 2013's and the beginning of the 2014 models. When you order the thing, you get to chose a primary and two alternate delivery dates, but that's all dependent on being able to produce it. Occasionally, but not often, they may be booked up on a specific model, version, set of options, and you can't get it at all near the end of the year. The mid-cycle refresh is due soon...I do not know if it's coming for 2014 or not, but that may have some features you might want, or want to's hard to say, and may not come for another year (I haven't been following it closely). My personal preference is to avoid a new model for at least a little time after production is started so they can work out any new kinks.

There aren't many GT's out there, so trying to be an individual isn't really that hard!

One simple thing I recently did was change the headlight switch to the European version that controls the (already there) rear fog lights. Where I live, having that extra set of lights on the rear can be a big safety feature as we do get some nasty fog and snow on occasion. All it took was swapping the switch. I also added an Invisihitch trailer tow bar and bought a RightConnections wiring harness while I was in England last fall. I use it primarily to carry a bike rack, but wanted the lights should I need to rent a utility trailer sometime. It also disables the rear PDC automatically, and enables the vehicles trailer stability logic when you have lights plugged in, so it will be safer verses the normal aftermarket patch to add this. BMW has not seen fit to offer the towing make ready on their sedans in the USA, so you have to get creative if you want to do it and obtain all of the vehicle's adaptations to it. It's fairly easy to get the trailer lights to work, but the rest is much more involved.

You need to discuss this with the dealer so you don't end up with tickets and they can't make the car you want when you're going to be there! As I said, August is nice in Europe, but it seems everyone is on vacation then, and some things aren't open, and reservations can be hard to get...plan accordingly.