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Originally Posted by TimeFor View Post
Wait you didn't have to pay for it before you ordered it? My dealer made me do the lease before they'll even order it. Now I'll end up losing like 3 months on the lease. I don't even have a production number yet. Is it different because I'm picking up in Germany? Though I've been told I can pick it up in 45 days in Germany but I've seen nothing on paper saying that and from reading here the forums seem to say it can take much longer before BMW builds a car after receiving a production number. The dealer did say they have a couple of cars that they can still change the build on so maybe thats how they're doing quicker?
My ED is on 9/17 and I will go pay for my car this Fri (9/9)? 3 months of lease payment...your CA will see my lawyer if that is the case.