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2013 550ix GT - What is Real

Our GT is set for build week 14 and we will pick up in Germany mid-April.
I've been reading all I can in case I want to add or delete an option or package.
The on-line 3013 North American Operator's Manual clearly defines some options that I don't trust will b eon the vehicle.
Does anyone have a recent 3013 built that can offer any input? If so it would be most appreciated.

1) Page 42 it clearly defines the touch-free tailgate (waving of the foot) as being part of Comfort Access. This is not shown on the Build pages but certainly would like to have it. Not4 that this manual is GT specific and even uses different wording than the Sedan OM.

2) On Pages 81-85 it clearly defines the operation and existence of the newly released MultiFunction Instrument display. Again, I can see it on the 5 Sedan build but not the GT build, yet this manual is specific to North America GT series

Any confirmation, suggestions, ideas appreciated. Thanks