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Originally Posted by irishbimmer View Post
So, the polar ice caps are melting but that isn't due to global warming and the rising seal levels of 100 years isn't due to the melting of the ice caps and torrential rains with super storms isn't caused by anything either-its just naturally occurring weather?
What exactly do you mean by "the polar ice caps are melting"? What time period are we talking about? The arctic sea ice melts some each summer and re-freezes each winter. The amount of ice in the arctic is lower now than 1979 when official records were started, but that was the end of a long term cooling trend in the northern hemisphere. Over the past 15 or so years, arctic sea ice trends have been stable. If I get to pick the starting and ending points of a graph of a cyclical variable like arctic ice extent, I can show any trend you want.

The amount of ice in the arctic now is likely higher than it was in the 1930's when record high temperatures were occurring in the northern hemisphere and CO2 levels were relatively low at that time. But records of arctic ice extent during that time are limited. The point is that currently rising CO2 levels are having little if any effect on arctic sea ice.

The southern ice cap, Antarctica, is currently gaining ice mass on land, so rising CO2 levels aren't having a detrimental effect there either.

Torrential rains and "super storms" aren't anything new and these events also happened before when CO2 levels were low. Ever hear of the Great Hurricane of 1780 or The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 or the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927? The weather we are seeing now is nothing remarkable and is completely within the range of naturally occurring weather variability.