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Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
Its such a little known fact (likely on purpose) that greenhouse gasses reflect incoming heat away from earth in the same fashion that traps heat back onto the planet. Its an insulator thats doing what insulation does. Its not a one way door up above our heads you know.
Of course not but the percentage of Albedo is lower for gasses like CO2 bc they scatter UV and change it into Infrared. O2 an N2 pass UV and do not convert it to Infrared. You really do not understand this? (Rhetorical Question)

Any scientific study can be manipulated for desired results. This is how lobbyists convince governments and institutions to give them money.

Yep that is why all the Universities research departments have concluded there is MMGW to get funding-hint: they don't. Now the esteemed Heartland Institute is another matter.

Eg. It can be surmised people who smoke ten cigarettes a day tend to have healthier teeth and gums than people who smoke crack ten times a day. Ergo smoking is healthier for your teeth than crack.
Fixed it for ya

Now in a paper or radio/tv commercial one may learn this fact. But in a university study thats been repeatedly proven through scientific research that smoking is good for your teeth, the fashion as to how the the deduction was made doesn't see ink. Only the results get released but no other specifics on how the study was conducted. This is how its done.
How about staying on track

I ask again..what is the mechanism that is warming the earth