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Yawn it didn't answer the question. He didn't discuss the difference between a Polar Co-valent bond and a diatomic molecule .

So you haven't addressed the question..."Which molecule N2 or CO2 scatters UV and turns much of it into Infrared.

And of course you have not addressed why the global temp of the earth is increasing in the last 130 years. Actually you haven't addressed any of the facts or questions I have presented to you.

Maybe one of your denier buddies on here can help you you are failing.. Why don't you pick a topic you are knowledgeable on. Bring one up and we can discuss that. It can be any topic on EE. I am an ME but I spent lots of time doing EE work in the Nuclear power industry. I promise I won't go to wikepedia for answers.

I'll be back near my bedtime. Cheers: