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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Funny thing is; that's what I did all summer ahah. I ended up being shadowbanned from tinder since I was deleting the app every now and then. So I just stayed off for a while. Spent time with the kids; did what I wanted to do (I had 5 weeks off work and did just that) I know its a jungle out there and I find it pretty easy to get laid; when that's what you want/need. But i'm at a point where I want more. I had my share of those dates in the first 6-9 months of being single. But I agree with you that it looks like that's all there is to get on these sites. It's getting tough to get noticed when decent women gets 150+ likes or messages a day.

Deleting the apps is indeed a mental break and it feels good not to have the pressure to feel the need to answer when somebody send me a message. But otherwise, I dont know how I'd be able to meet someone. I dont go out anymore, always do the groceries on a rush, all my friends are busy making babies; so the odds of that "out of the box" encounter are not very high.

I was also contemplating getting back in proper shape instead of losing my time on the apps. But again, my gym is at home; so chances of speaking to someone new are non existent ;p But I get what you mean. It's all about focusing on something that is right and deserving.

Love this.
Although your gym may be at home, get involved in something. A friend of mine recently started taking various classes at a gym, boxing, cycling, etc. Join something that gets you around other people. You may not find the person you are looking for there, but those people know people....who know people. I've had several people, from the gym I go to, try to fix me up with friends of theirs.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We have known each other for years before we started dating, so it was one of those type things. Any serious relationship that I have ever been in, has been with someone that I had known prior to us dating. I've found that meeting someone knew and dating from there never really works out. This is why it's important to get out, do something and while you're doing it, network.

Sounds like you've go this man. Just be patient and stay the course.